Since the start everyone at Gallowgate Flags has been committed to being totally transparent regarding the money raised and spent.

We are utterly reliant on the generosity of volunteers for the project and believe that the people good enough to donate to create what we've done, should be able to see the full financial picture:


17.10.2016 - Total money raised: £8,337

                  - Total money paid to GF: £7,595

Q: Why don't we receive all of the money raised?

A: - the platform which we fundraise through take an approximate 8-10% fee of all money raised - we are paid the rest directly into a bank account.


Money spent so far:  £7,340.89


Q: What have you spent the money on so far?


A: Breakdown as follows:


  • 500 flag purchase first displayed @ Huddersfield at home:    £3,478.65
  • Flag pole costs for 500 flags:    £957.68
  • Miscellaneous repair costs (tape etc) + replacement poles:     £254.59
  • Online and Digital expenditure:        £422
  • Storage costs and transit:   £337 
  • Legends Day Flag and pole costs:     £1,939.51


TOTAL:    £7,391.89

Updated 03/11 by Alex Hurst