Q.  Who are Gallowgate Flags?

A.  Gallowgate Flags are a small group of season ticket holders based in The Corner and Gallowgate End.  We have received backing from true faith (who launched Gallowgate Flags).  We are on open organisation.  We are looking for people who can contribute.  That might be simply offering to donate a flag or hold one on match day.  If you're interested then please e-mail and we'll put you in touch with the other people involved.


Q.  Why do you need money donated and why shouldn't the club just pay for it?

A.  We're a fan organisation looking to improve the atmosphere at St James'.  It's been talked about for years, improving the atmosphere - so here we are, trying to do something about it.  Flag displays are common across Europe and the world, and are funded by the fans themselves.  This crucially gives them autonomy from clubs in terms of the design and direction of what they produce and we plan to be no different.  We want this to be paid for and directed by fans of Newcastle United so we can share in its effect and success.  This club, or any other should not have to pay for what fans want to create.  Clubs aren't responsible for creating an atmosphere - fans are.  Yes the club can help, and we're grateful that NUFC are behind us.


Q.  Why do you need to raise thousands of pounds?

A.  Our aim is to create and produce new flags regularly.  Large flags can cost up to £1,500.  We're not aiming (yet) to produce any giant surfers but to create a vibrant atmosphere with scores of flags, the cost quickly adds up.  We will be aiming to raise money for flags throughout the season.


Q.  Will we know if the money raised is spent on flags and how will we know?

A.  We will publish the costs and receipts of all flags bought through social media and this website.  All money will be spent on flags and displays.  The only other costs that need to be covered are this website (£122.04) and the email address (£4.98).  'Gofundme' take 5% off all donations as a fee as well 0.23p per donation and 2.9% of the donation as a transfer fee.