We are keen for fans across the stadium to bring their own flags to games.   Our main aim is to create an independent fan flag culture inside St James' Park.

If you have your own design then you can get cracking below straight away.  If you want a design made we can potentially help as we have designers in our group - however they are volunteers and time will dictate if they can help.  If you want help with a design then email us at 

There are many good suppliers based in the UK but the purpose of this guide uses Polish manufacturer UltraShop.  

  1. When you've clicked the link to the website ensure you click on the English flag rather than any other UK or EU flags - this is important as the flag maker will create your flag in keeping with legislation fitting the country you choose
  2. From the left hand list select 'products with your design'
  3. Scroll down to 'flags'
  4. Select the size of flag you're after:
  • 'Stick Printed' represents an individual 'hand waver' one pole flag 
  • For larger two pole flags flags select 'sector printed'
  • Choose the height and width of your flag and the price will adjust according to what you input
  • You will then need to select the 'seam size' for the poles.  For Gallowgate Flags we require a 2 or 3cm seams on both sides, usually for larger flags that require poles
    • For the seams - you need to type they're required in the 'YOUR INFORMATION' box

   5. If the available choose 'B1 Material' which ensures that the material will be flame retardant and meat            other UK football stadium safety standards 

  6. When you have selected your flag type and size click 'upload file' and a preview of the flag you wish         to order.  This may take a few minutes.  Once the image appears click on 'file rights' which allows the           flag maker permission to use your image

  7. If you're happy with what's in front of you and you required poles or sticks to hold or wave the flag then    please click 'choreography' in the menu and select what is required.  This may seem obvious but make sure  the pole you order is significantly longer than the length of your flag 

 8.  Click 'Add to Cart' and remember you will be paying in Euros so the price in £ may fluctuate, but by    pennies rather than pounds

Any problems or questions? We're here to help @gallowgateflags or

Gallowgate Flags 26.06.17