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St James' Park is at its best when loud.  It's at it's best when the fans are on their feet, making a noise that no other football club in England can match. We are Gallowgate Flags and our aim is to make St James' Park as loud a ground as possible.  We aim to do this by crowdfunding public displays which will hopefully inspire the team and the crowd.

There are a number of football clubs throughout the British Isles who work with their football clubs to create a positive atmosphere in the stadium.

We are not a membership organisation.  If you're willing to help in any small way, you're welcome to join us.  We're just a group of season ticket holders from The Corner. We all want the same thing. We're not interested in a public profile or making any money. All money raised will be invested on fan chosen flags and banners. 

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Below are some videos showing the kind of atmosphere we are hoping to achieve.




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25.07.2016 - Gallowgate Flags announce 'BLACK & WHITE DAY' against Huddersfield Town 

Newcastle United fan group Gallowgate Flags announce 'Black & White Day' for United's opening home game against Huddersfield Town.

Newcastle United supporters who have crowd funded almost £5000 for the purchase of 471 supporter flags have announced that the first home fixture of the 2016/17 will be known as 'Black & White Day.'

The game against Huddersfield Town on August 13th has been selected by Gallowgate Flags as the ideal game to launch their bid to better improve the atmosphere in St James' Park.  As well as the pre-match flag display the group has planned they are now calling on all match-going supporters to wear Black & White as well as be at St James' Park 30 minutes prior to kick off. As a starting point, Gallowgate Flags wants the players to run out to the kind of visual display last seen at Alan Shearer's testimonial a decade ago.

Gallowgate Flags co-founder, Alex Hurst says "For years now ideas to 'bring back the noise' to St James' Park have been discussed by match going fans at St James' Park. As a group we're trying to create something to achieve that goal.  Fans arriving early to the game will see the unique flag display we have planned andcan be part of a sea of Black & White creating an atmosphere to inspire the players, manager and fellow supporters."

The fan group called publicly for volunteers to help display banners and flags and have received a great response from season ticket holders in the Gallowgate End, where the display will be held. 

'Black & White Day' is designed to include all match going supporters and the desire is to create an impressive, visual display led by supporters in the 30 minutes before kick-off. 

The Huddersfield game will be the first competitive home fixture since United released their new home kit and the growing goodwill from the fans towards the club since the appointment of Rafa Benitez.  

Gallowgate Flags is still seeking volunteers to wave flags in the Gallowgate End and all interested fans can email to register interest.  

The group hope 'Black & White Day' is the first of many supporter-led ideas that will improve the atmosphere for home games this season and thus play a key role in supporting Rafa and the players get the club back into the Premier League where it belongs.

Newcastle United has publicly supported Gallowgate Flags on their social media channels and their website and is co-operating constructively.

Supporters who wish to support the future activities of Gallowgate Flags are asked to make donations with all monies being used to help transform the Gallowgate End into one of the most visually striking stands in European football. 

Donate here -

20.07.2016 - The Time is now

We've now raised over £4,500 and just committed almost £3,000 of it to the first game of the season against Huddersfield (details to follow).  What we need, apart from continued funding support, arevolunteers.

 We don't want to force this on anyone. If you've a season ticket in the Corner or Gallowgate Lower and Middle Tiers we NEED YOU!! If you're willing to hold or wave a flag please email .  All we need is your seat number and row.  We'll place a flag under your seat pre-game and collect it ourselves post game.  If you're up for this - brilliant.  What would be even better - get a mate to help out too.

Ideally you'll be willing to get to the ground at least 15 minutes early.


14.07.2016 - NUFC Endorsment

Last night Newcastle United tweeted sent out a tweet support of Gallowgate Flags and accompanied it with an official endorsement on their website.  The support of the club is crucial for what we plan to do this coming season and we are grateful to Newcastle United and in particular Lee Marshall , fan liaison officer for making this happen.

As a result of this strong backing from the club which has broadened our appeal, we have upgraded our plans and raised our funding goal to £5,000.  We're immeasurably grateful to the 260 people that have donated to date - but the more money we raise, the more we can do.  So please help us turn the Corner and Gallowgate into the 'Black and White Wall.'  We need your help to make it happen.

All money raised goes to flag displays and we will post receipts and payments of everything paid for.


07.07.2016 - The plan of action

After raising £3.6k in less than 7 days Gallowgate Flags convened at the Strawberry Pub last night to discuss how best to progress Gallowgate Flags.

It has been unanimously agreed that our long term aim should be create a 'wall of noise and flags' at the Gallowgate End of the ground (and Corner) mirroring that of Dortmund's Yellow Wall.  It may take a considerable amount of time to achieve, but judging the support we've picked up in such a short space of time - it will one day can happen.

Raising the money so quickly has altered the scale of our ambitions and we will, as always, seek permission from Newcastle United to gain permission for any plans for home games this season.  We are still fundraising and hugely grateful to the 250+ who have donated so far.  Donations are still open and the more money raised, the more we can do.

When we've spoken to the club - more details will be released.


04.07.2016 - Initial £3k target reached in just 4 days

We are astounded by the support received from the Newcastle United supporting community that has resulted in in more than £3,000 being raised in such a short space of time.  We never doubted the appetite for flag and banner displays so we thought we would reach our money raising goal in a number of weeks, but could not have dreamed of raising so much so quickly.

Our group plans to convene in person this Wednesday to discuss where we go next with the project and whether we should adjust our fund raising goal and to what level.  We will release details as soon as we have them about future fund raising and what specifically it could pay for.  Like all activity surrounding Gallowgate Flags we are committed to producing safe, Newcastle United approved material that complies with safety legislation.  Positive dialogue with the club began last week so we will run all flag suggestions with them before making a comment either way about the scale of flags.

Thank you to all that have donated.  Donations are still open.  All money raised is spent on flags.  We are also grateful to Lee Ryder, The Chronicle,, truefaith, nufcblog & all who have spread the word on social media and encouraged friends and family in person to donate.


02.07.2016 - £1,300 raised in 1 day

Gallowgate Flags wants to place on record it's thanks to the 91 people who have donated so far to raise £1,300 to the campaign.  Our first round of funding aims to raise £3k, but more money = more flags and larger displays.  At the time of writing we've attracted nearly 1,000 followers on twitter.  We're grateful for all the well wishers, followers and people helping us spread thee word.  It is important that we translate that to donations for this.  We will only turn SJP and the Corner/Gallowgate into a see of flags and black and white with enough money to do this.

91 have donated.  Fantastic.  50,000 will be in St James' for the Huddersfield game - please help us attract their attention, support and their donations.


30.06.2016 - Club meeting and funding launch

Today Gallowgate Flags met with Newcastle United to ensure we have the full backing and cooperation of the club moving forwards.  Gallowowgate Flags is a 100% positive pro-Newcastle United, fan led movement and the endorsement of the club is crucial to make sure displays are safe, positive and welcome inside St James' Park. 

The meeting was the idea of the club and we met with the Fans Liaison Officer & Safety Officer to ensure that Gallowgate Flags is pro-Newcastle United and Newcastle United are pro-Gallowgate Flags.

What is evident from the club is that they are fully behind making St James' Park a vocal fortress and they've offered us support and help in practically every area of our campaign from storage, to spreading our message. It has been agreed that the first home game of the season will see the pre-game launch of Gallowgate Flags and we hope will fans will arrive at the game early to make the atmosphere for Rafa and the players the best it's ever been pre-game.

This is just the beginning of our campaign, so we have much to discuss with Newcastle United to make sure that we progress in line with club requirements.  We're grateful to the club for supporting this fan-led initiative and we will have more specific details in the following weeks.

We have launched our funding page which can be viewed here:

All money received from the page will be spent on Flags and displays within the ground as well as paying for the maintenance of this website.  We are grateful for any financial support.

We're looking to get as many fags designed and created as possible, so feel free to donate flags or share ideas through our twitter page or by emailing



Q.  Who are Gallowgate Flags?

A.  Gallowgate Flags are a small group of season ticket holders based in The Corner and Gallowgate End.  We have received backing from true faith (who launched Gallowgate Flags).  We are on open organisation.  We are looking for people who can contribute.  That might be simply offering to donate a flag or hold one on match day.  If you're interested email and we'll put you in touch with the other people involved.


Q.  Why do you need money donated and why shouldn't the club just pay for it?

A.  We're a fan organisation looking to improve the atmosphere at St James'.  It's been talked about for years, improving the atmosphere - so here we are, trying to do something about it.  Flag displays are common across Europe and the world, and are funded by the fans themselves .  This crucially gives them autonomy from clubs in terms of the design and direction of what they produce and we plan to be no different.  We want this to be paid for and directed by fans of Newcastle United so we can share in its effect and success.  This club, or any other should not have to pay for what fans want to create.  Clubs aren't responsible for creating an atmosphere - fans are.  Yes the club can help, and we're grateful that NUFC are behind us.


Q.  Why do you need to raise thousands of pounds?

A.  Our aim is to create and produce new flags regularly.  Large flags can cost up to £1,500.  We're not aiming (yet) to produce any giant surfers but to create a vibrant atmosphere with scores of flags, the cost's add up.  We will be aiming to raise money for flags throughout the season.


Q.  Will we know if the money raised is spent on flags and how will we know?

A.  We will publish the costs and receipts of all flags bought through social media and this website.  All money will be spent on flags and displays.  The only other costs that need to be covered are this website (£122.04) and the email address (£4.98).  'Gofundme' take 5% off all donations as a fee as well 0.23p per donation and 2.9% of the donation as a transfer fee.